Apartment Locators

We welcome locators to refer our Texas communities. Please follow these guidelines to ensure prompt payment.


  • All locators must have a valid Real Estate License to refer clients to Richdale properties and earn commissions. 

  • Invoices may be submitted in one of three ways:

  • The locator must be listed on both the resident guest card and application to be considered a valid referral. 

  • The locator will NOT be paid for a lease with a stated term shorter than 6 months unless it is a corporate lease (a flat referral commission of $100 is paid on corporate leases). Furthermore, any lease less than 12 months will be paid on a pro rata basis, e.g. a 9 month lease will be paid at 50% of a 12 month term. 

  • Payment will be made for a valid referral within 45-60 days after the resident has moved in, provided the resident remains in good standing. 

  • Payment will not be made to third parties for referrals. All payments will be sent directly to the referring locator/broker. 

  • No payment will be made for referrals invoiced more than three months beyond the date of referral. Invoices must be submitted in a timely manner to the fax, e-mail or mailing address listed above. 

  • No payment will be paid to a locator for referring another locator or real estate agent. 

  • If the referred resident has signed a 6 month cancellation clause, the locator’s listed commission will be paid as a 6 month lease. Should the resident stay beyond this term, the locator may invoice for the remaining lease term during the term month provided no notice to vacate is on file. 

  • For the locator to earn the listed referral commission, the referred resident must be moved in within 30 days of either a unit becoming available or the date of application, whichever is earlier. If the resident moves in after the 30 day period, the listed commission will be reduced by 50%. 

  • The locator shall not compensate any Richdale on-site associate under any circumstances.

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