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Go Green

Apartment living is by its nature green in that it promotes efficient land use as opposed to single family lot development which encourages sprawl. At Richdale, we recognize the importance of conserving our natural environment. While there is still more to do, our corporate offices and on-site apartment teams have taken significant green strides and we're pleased to share some of their efforts. We will keep you informed as we progress.

Some of our On-Site Efforts at apartment properties include*:

  • Conversion of chemical dependent chlorine pools to salt water systems

  • Replacing exterior lighting with more efficient smart bulbs

  • Utilizing motion sensors/timers in key common areas to ensure lights are off when not needed

  • Replacing HVAC equipment and appliances with higher efficiency models

  • Replacing thermostats with digital programmable models in apartments and common areas

  • Installing ceiling fans in apartments

  • Utilizing rain stats to control irrigation

  • Double-sided printing of leases and other documents

  • Utilizing electronic email to reduce shipping needs

  • Recycling at our corporate offices, and for residents at some communities

* not all initiatives may be implemented at all sites

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