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We are pleased to offer a competitive benefits package for full-time associates upon completion of the 90-day orientation period and eligibility requirements. We have included for your reference a sample of these offerings below, recognizing that our benefits programs may be modified from time to time as we try to find the best options for our company associates. 

Medical & Prescription Drugs

Medical benefits are offered as a PPO in a national network along with a 3-tier prescription drug program. Earn rewards points and rewards in the health and wellness program through the medical plan. The plan also offers discounts on health and wellness services such as laser eye surgery and hearing devices.


Vision benefits are offered with access to a national network. Network eyecare providers include Costco, Vision Works and America’s Best. Available services include eye exams, frames and contacts.

Long Term Disability

Unforeseen illness or injury is substantial and may make it impossible to return to work for several months or even years. This benefit will pay 60% of earnings to a max of $6,000 per month. Associates receive this benefit at no cost upon completion of required years of service.

College Savings Plan

Earnings in a 529 account grow free from federal tax. Assets from this account can be used to fund expenses at any US public or private college.

​Paid Time Off, Holidays, Bereavement and Jury Duty

Holidays, bereavement and jury duty pay are all paid to full time eligible associates. Paid time off (PTO) is offered and accrued based on years of service.

Associate Resident Program

This program allows associates who choose to live with us tremendous advantages above and beyond those offered to other residents. LIVE WITH US AND SAVE CONSIDERABLY. Benefits range from longer term fixed pricing to discounted cable and free internet depending upon the market and community.

Health Reimbursement Account

Up to $1500 reimbursement for some out of pocket medical expenses once your deductible has been met.

Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment

This benefit is provided at no cost to associates and dependents who participate in the medical plan. Associates receive $25,000 coverage for self and $2,000 coverage per dependent on the medical plan.

Short Term Disability

Benefits begin after you have been unable to work for a continuous 14 days. Benefits are payable for up to 11 weeks. Benefits pay 60% of earnings up to $1,500 per week.


The Company-sponsored retirement savings plan is designed to help associates prepare for retirement. This plan provides many unique advantages not available through other types of savings plans. The Company offers a matching contribution with a vesting schedule based on years of service.

Direct Deposit

Associates may choose multiple banks and account types to receive their pay by direct deposit. This service is convenient, confidential and free!

Free Parking

Free parking is available to all associates at all locations nationwide.


Dental benefits are offered with access to a large national network. Available services offered range from preventive cleaning, fillings, x-rays, crowns and dentures. Orthodontic services are also available for children up to the age of 19.

Supplemental Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Supplemental coverage may be elected up to $300,000 for self, $150,000 for spouse and $10,000 for children. Coverage is subject to guarantee issue or evidence of insurability based on benefit amount and approval by the insurance carrier.

Flexible Spending Account

Contribute pretax dollars from your paycheck, up to $2,700 for Health Care and $5,000 for Dependent Care. Pay medical, child care and other eligible expenses through this program with the convenience of a debit card. Such expenses may include: copays, coinsurance, deductibles, before and after school care, day care and elderly care.

Cell Phone Discounts

18-19% discount on cell phone service through Verizon and T-Mobile/Sprint.

Health Club and Pool Benefits

Enjoy access to the fitness centers and swimming pools at several Richdale communities at no cost.

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