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Company Credit Application
AUTHORIZED SIGNERS (authorized to sign and/or make changes to the lease)
CREDIT REFERENCES (list 3 other than your bank)
The undersigned hereby makes this application to rent an apartment with The Richdale Group and certifies the answers to this application are correct. The undersigned understands that this is an offer to rent and does not imply acceptance of the applicant for rental by Owners.

It is mutually agreed and understood between the Landlord and the proposed Resident:
  1. That Landlord has a right to reject proposed Resident and return any deposit made. Proposed Resident further understands that if they withdraw this application or do not sign the lease as provided above, after application processing has begun, Landlord will be entitled to retain all application deposits as liquidated damages.
  2. Landlord has full authorization to obtain any information on applicant regarding credit or bank information, rental history, and any other information needed by Corporate Quarters and further shall be permitted to share any rental and/or credit history with any third party.
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