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3 Things To Know Before Moving To Houston

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

The skyline of Houston at dawn. The sky is colored orange and blue. Headlights of a few cars light up the network of roads in the foreground.
The Houston skyline boasts award-winning architectural styles.

The most diverse city in the country. A culinary destination. Enviably low taxes. Miles of hiking and biking trails. Lush greenery that can put other cities to shame. The list of what makes Houston cool is pretty long, so if you have decided to move to Space City, congratulations! Here are three things to know before moving to Houston so that your time here is well spent.

Distances Are Bigger In Houston

Trust us when we say that you could end up spending more time driving than you want to in Houston. Our increasing population, nascent public transportation, and relatively lower gas prices mean Houstonians drive a lot and traffic can get frustrating.

But, there are a few ways around it and one decision that will impact your experience in the biggest way is your decision on where to live in Houston. You could choose to live in the neighborhood (or loop, as we call it), that you work in. If you work in the Inner Loop in Houston, then you should consider apartments in River Oaks, or the Galleria area of Houston. If you work in the Outer Loop, then you might want to consider our apartments in Westchase District. It’s also a good idea to select an apartment home that gives you easy access to our major roads, such as I-10 and the 610 Loop. Houston is a cool city to live in and you shouldn’t spend most of your time in the car here.

Houston Has Pockets Of Microcultures

Houston and its major employers attract people from all parts of the world giving this city its distinct neighborhoods. Craving Indian food, or want to try your own hand at making Indian food? Head to Mahatma Gandhi Road in the Hillcroft neighborhood and prepare to be amazed at the sheer variety of things for you to explore. Prefer a taste of hotpot? Head to Koreatown, home to thriving restaurants and grocery stores that will fan the fires of exploration in you. Want to try your hand at Tai Chi or dive into dim sums? Head to Houston’s bustling Chinatown. Houston’s diversity means that you can feel you have traveled the world without leaving the city.

You Get Used To The Weather

We won’t argue with anyone who despises the weather in Houston. It does get sultry for a few months in the summer, but when it does, there are many water activities you can indulge in to stay cool. If you are outdoorsy, you will love kayaking and paddleboarding in Houston and Galveston, a beach town just 70 miles southeast of Houston. If you want to join the ranks of a true Texan, then get on a tube, grab a beer, and sail down one of our beautiful cool rivers during summer. If swimming in lakes is more your thing, head to McKinney Falls in Austin for the weekend. Stand under the cool, clear waterfall or float lazily in the lake. If you are a homebody, apartments with luxurious pools also provide respite during those hot summer days. Whatever kind of activity you choose, we can assure you, summer can be fun in Houston.

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