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Richdale Resident Referrals – How to Make It Work for You

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Would you meet your friends more often if you did not have to drive across town to see them? Imagine if visiting your friends meant simply walking over to their apartment, if hanging out with your friends meant walking to the pool together, if dinner invitations meant grilling together after a swim. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It is also very easy to do when your friends are your neighbors. How do you get them to be your neighbors? Simply refer them to Richdale Apartments and live a win-win life.

Read on for tips on how to get your friends to make a move and be your next-door neighbors.

Use Social Platforms to Tell Them You Miss Them – Wouldn’t a cup of coffee on the patio taste better if your friend were sitting by your side? Or the workout session be more motivating if your friend were your gym buddy? Use Instagram and Facebook Stories to virtually share a moment with your friend and to nudge them to move closer to you in real life. Don’t forget to tag @richdaleapts too.

Show Off Your Richdale Rewards – One of the best perks of being a Richdale resident is the ability to get discounts at various stores that range from the necessary to the indulgent. Show off these perks to your friends. Not only do they get to live closer to you, but they also get to enjoy exclusive benefits.

Pass on Resident Tips to Them – A friend in need is great, but a friend with information is better! Keep an eye out for our Specials and tip your friends to make a move so they can take advantage of living closer to you while also saving money in their new apartment home.

Share All the Perks of Your Community – Surrounded by trails, proximity to city hot spots, spectacular amenities, impeccable service, tight-knit community, off-leash dog parks and more. Whatever your one or many favorite things about being a Richdale Resident, make sure your friends know about them. Facetime and show them your favorite spots within and outside the community.

Don’t Forget Their Furry Pals – If your friend counts their pets as their best friends, show them how all our communities are pet-friendly. While many offer off-leash dog parks, others are perfectly located for long walks. Our spacious floor plans also make the apartments ideal for sharing with pets. Not only will your friends have amenities for their pets, but you can also be their unofficial pet-sitter and official favorite human to the pet.

There are many perks to Richdale Resident Referrals. One of the biggest is the referral bonus* that allows you to make money while also calling your friends your neighbors. There are also other intangible but effective benefits of inviting your friends and family to live closer to you. Cut down on the distance and stock up on fun when you refer your friends to join you in becoming Richdale Residents. At Richdale, we are Built for Life and life is better when shared with friends. Invite your loved ones to be your neighbors today. 

*Please click here to refer your friends and read all terms and conditions.

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