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Plant-Based Holiday Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love

Set the table this holiday for jolly and joy. Despite new challenges that can keep us apart, we can still share warm recipes to help us feel a little more connected with home. Whipping up a feast on this holiday deserves some special attention. Prepare the cranberry sauce because we have created a list of delicious Holiday recipes that deserve to be shared at home.

This recipe is the perfect starter for your Holiday feast. Acorn squash, stuffed with red wine cranberry sauce and wild rice will warm your bellies. Try this beautiful recipe from the Hot For Food Blog, if you want a feast for your eyes and teeth.

Main Dish: Stuffed No-Turkey

Who needs turkey? Avant-Garde Vegan makes stuffed-no turkey oh so rewarding! This holiday centerpiece will be torn apart by the time dinner is over. Wrapping this piece in veg-bacon before tossing it in the oven is an absolute must. Don’t forget the gravy!

What holiday dinner is complete without a delectable side of green beans? This smokey-coconutty twist will make you want to serve yourself seconds and thirds!

Holiday Drink: Gingerbread Latte

A hug in a mug is all you need when you’re wrapping up dinner. This Gingerbread Latte has all the sweetness and spice you will want after the night has settled.

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie

Time to wind down the night with a classic slice of pumpkin pie. This recipe is the perfect plant-based dessert after a filling and hearty meal. Flaky crust, creamy custard, and sweet whipped cream, who could ask for more?

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