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Unusual Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

This is the beginning of a series titled Richdale Curates. In a bid to make everyday life easier, we will curate the best of the world and present it to you. Best new recipes, best new destinations, best new décor trends, best new music, and more. There is no better time to start this than now, so let’s begin with the best unusual gifts for your loved ones.

You know the writer friend who always gets a fancy notebook, but has never used any of them? Or the booklover, who continues to accumulate books faster than they read them? We have curated a list of off-beat gifts that will not only match their personality, but also add to it. So let’s begin without further ado.

Novel Tea – Yes, your book-loving friend may or may not appreciate the pun, but they will appreciate the cups of tea that will keep them company when they read. Novel Tea is a great gift idea for book lovers because the peaceful nature of sipping on tea compliments the quiet of reading a book. To add to the delight, each tea bag comes with a literary quote.

Scratch Map – We all miss traveling to places near and far, but your travel-loving friends miss it even more. But they need not feel blue with a friend like you. This Scratch Map will let them show off their visits and help them plan their next ones.

Passive Cat – For the animal lover who spends a lot of time pampering their pet, we present the Passive Cat, a cat smartphone stand. Your friend can watch cat videos, swipe through cat photos, and have another (this time inanimate) cat to pamper.

Photo by Kote Puerto on Unsplash

Art Tote – For your art-lover friend who may not want to invest in a piece of décor, there is the art they can carry on their arm. The Starry Night Tote Bag is a homage to Van Gogh and art piece your friend can always have with them. Eco-friendly never looked so good!

Custom Car Portrait – We all have that one friend who loves their cars. They don’t stop talking about their first car, their current car, their new car, but they also have a favorite car. Get them this gift of a custom car portrait and you can call dibs on riding shotgun each time.

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