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What Laundry Detergents Should You Buy?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

We tested 3 different brands of detergent. Check out our results!

Liquid Detergent The most widely used among consumers, Liquid Detergents perform particularly well on oil and grease stains. Conveniently, it can be used as a spot pre-treater and you’ll never have to worry about it not dissolving. Don’t forget to use the correct amount, though. Sometimes they are hard to see, but the lines on the measuring caps are there for a reason! Follow the label instructions to ensure you don’t use too much or too little. Too much will cause over-sudsing and the soap may not rinse out when the cycle is over or it can even shut down your machine. If there is too little, your clothes won’t get clean. Many of us just pour detergent directly into the washing machine or dispenser and hope for the best but trust us, you get better results when you use the directed amount!

Single-dose Pods These little packets are very convenient but on average, cost a little more. Don’t worry about using too little or too much detergent as it is already pre-measured. Usually, one pack is recommended for average size loads and two packs for large or heavily soiled loads. One pack may be too much for very small loads and you never want to break them. Keep in mind, some packs have trouble dissolving in some machines, especially in lower water temperatures. If you have a low-water using machine, make sure you add the packs before adding the clothes. Last but not least, make sure you store your packets away from children, pets, and anyone else who could be at risk of ingesting them or using them for anything other than laundry.


Laundry Tips

  1. Get Sorted

  2. Separate Linty Items

  3. Wash Jeans Inside Out

  4. Pretreat Stains

  5. Apply Detergent Directly To Stain

  6. Load With Detergent Then Clothes

  7. Load Properly

  8. Measure, Do Not Pour

  9. Mark Fill Lines With Marker

While none of our picks could remove every stain completely, Persil definitly prevails as our top pick. Persil may not be the cheapest at .22 cents per load, but it is among the cheaper options especially for the quality.

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